Recently I made some updates to the prototype of the Elastic Time Machine in conjunction with my birthday. Please note: It requires location services to get the sunrise and sunset for the time calculations so it might work better on a phone (works fine in iOS, safari and chrome if you enable location services).

See my current prototype

So what's new in this version?

10K Moments of Day

100 Moments in every Action

10 Actions in every Act, 10 Acts in a Day

10K Moments of Night

100 Moments in every Respite

10 Respites in every Rest, 10 Rests in a Night

A.) Moments are re-centered as a smaller increment of time

B.) Slices and Actions are now specific to Day and Night

C.) Cycle / Year / Day revolve around birthday of the user

D.) Holidays and Rituals specific to the user

E.) Day of the week purpose for recurring weekly patterns

Thanks for your curiousity - LucLuke by LucLuke